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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: we are thankful for you, our viewers and the men and women who protect us here in uniform. what are you thankful for? here is trace. >>trace: happy thanksgiving day. the news begins anew on "studio b" with air raid sirens silence as the cease-fire takes effect. but after days of rocket attacks, how long will this truce hold? the role the u.s. played in pushing for a deal. secretary of state, hillary clinton rushed to the meeting for emergency meetings. we will break down the diplomatic tug of war coming up and developing right now, jesse jackson jr. resigning from congress two weeks after winning re-election to the house of representatives. the fallout from washington, dc, all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything.
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first from fox at 3:00, we are now an hour into a cease-fire between israel and hamas. the two sides reached a deal today after a week of rocket attacks and missile strikes and bombings that killed an israeli soldier, palestinian militant and dozens of civilians. egypt's foreign minister announced this in cairo alongside secretary of state, hillary clinton. in jerusalem, the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, confirmed the deal saying that he had agreed to give the cease-fire a chance after speaking with president obama. secretary of state, hillary clinton said the united states and egypt will work together in working toward long-term peace in the middle east. listen. >> the united states welcomes the agreement today if a cease-fire in gaza, and now a broader calm returns. >> the truce is hours after a bomb tore through a bus near
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israel's defense ministry in tel aviv. the explosion injured two dozen people, hamas leaders praised the attack but did not take responsibility. in gaza, israel struck more than 100 targets including hamas government buildings. officials in the palestinian territory set to strike and killed to dozen including to children. we have coverage from jonathan hunt at the united nations but, first, we go to david lee miller on the ground in southern israel. >>reporter: the question, is the cease-fire going to hold? we are about a mile or so from the israeli and gaza border. this city has been pounded relentlessly for years by rocket fire. a short time after the cease-fire took affect local time there was a rocket warning taking place. you can see the city is deserted
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with people off the streets, people were fearful although there was a cease-fire in place and you can hear obviously the horn coveraging with people in the distance. the sentiment is that, perhaps, the cease-fire was not the way to go. many israelis, or some israelis especially in this community wanted harsher action taken against the palestinian. i can report that in tel aviv today there was for the first time since 2006 a bomb that exploded on a bus. someone tossed the bomb on the bus. two dozen people were injured. the attacker fled. hamas has not claimed responsibility for this incident but nevertheless, supporters of the group are regissing saying that the west should not condemn this type of attack. also, today, we have seen more airstrikes leading up to the cease-fire in the gaza strip,
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the israeli air force pounding gaza, at least 120 targets were hit and the death toll leading up to the cease-fire was 23 minutes killed. if you look at death toll right now in total for this conflict, 158 palestinians killed and five israelis killed. right now, everyone in this community, trace, holding their breath wondering if the cease-fire is going to hold. leading up to the cease-fire in the hour after it was announced and before it took place there was an intense barrage of rockets coming from palestinian militants. a short time ago, apparently in what could be consider add follow of retaliation, we heard what sounded like israeli artillery and airstrikes in the distance. yes, there is a cease-fire, but, no, there is not complete quiet here on the ground. >>trace: both sides have been down this road before.
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thank you, one hour into the cease-fire. secretary of state, hillary clinton thanking egyptian president morsi for his role in brokering the cease-fire. the morrissey -- morsi government acts as a go teen for hamas which the u.n. does not negotiate. secretary of state, hillary clinton emergency peacemaking mission was after a week fighting that killed 180 palestinians and five israelis. the chief correspondent, jonathan hunt sex like at the united nations. secretary clinton made the point this is really just one step in a long process. >>jonathan: bringing a halt to the firing of rockets by hamas and by israel is obviously a crucial step but it is just a step and very much the first step. what we have seen today is an agreement for a quite literal ceasing of fire, none of the underlying issues has yet been
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tackled as hillary clinton made clear today in her comments. listen. >> the united states will work with partners to consolidate this progress, improve conditions for the people of gaza, provide security for the people of israel. >>jonathan: on the part of the palestinians, what they want is lifting of the economic blockade on gaza, the israels have indicated they will are can at least an easing of the restrictions if this ceasefire holds for at least 24 hours. trace? >>trace: it is significant that egypt played such a role role in the cease-fire. >>jonathan: very. because president morsi is a member of the muslim brotherhood. there have been concerns over whether he might literally remake the egypt and israeli
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peace treatment. it appears president morsi has been a key player in bringing about this cease-fire agreement. now, what the united states and in particular, of course, israel will want to see from the egyptians next is some effort to block the smuggling of those rockets that hamas is firing, from egypt, under the tunnels, into gaza and across the southern border. the rockets are made in iran and shipped through sudan and come up through egypt. egypt could have the will and the power to stop the smuggling of the rockets. it remains to be seen whether they will do that. while we are at the u.n. we should also mention while the israelis and hamas have been able to come to a deal on a cease-fire, the united nations security council has not been able to agree on any kind of statement on the violence of the
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last eight days. the united states proving itself again to be disunited and completely irrelevant epa in this conflict as it has been in the conflict in syria. >>trace: not surprising. thank you, jonathan hunt outside the united nations. a journalist and expert on the middle east joins us. i pose the same question to you: will the truce hold. >>guest: it doesn't have too many, we don't have too much hope. we are dealing with a terrorist organization, which is considered by the united states and the west, for hamas. we are not dealing with the palestinian authority leader, and his absence is noted. with the pros and the cons, the
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consequences being we are creating an artificial truce with a cease-fire, cutting east supply, but are we cutting off demand if iran continues to supply the groups, the terrorist elements it is not just hamas or egypt watching what goes through the sinai peninsula, but, the pros being where the united states is concerned, saying to egypt we are giving you allowance so lay big brother and you watch out what goes on. >>trace: i remember several years back when there was a bus bombing that israel would respond strongly and today there was a bus bombing in tel aviv. are you surprised the cease-fire went out after the act of violence? hamas has not claimed responsibility but were cheering? >>guest: absolutely. having all of the fire exchange going on today, when this cease-fire is actually being announced, but, again, we can look beyond that and look at the
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different factors that are in play here that makes a cease-fire hard to believe. there have been similar scenarios before but in the years past, israel was in a tough neighborhood which got tougher. we are dealing with arab spring that unfolded, the heavy muslim brotherhood presence, we have turkey turning its back on israel and so on. >>trace: now that egypt is involved do we stop seeing the missiles and rockets brought into gaza from egypt? >>guest: from egypt. that is the positive aspect, the united states saying to egypt you are responsbile. can we talk iran? that is a question we will have to see. time will tell. egypt now has the ability to come to the global stage and we are making them true to them selves. >>trace: everyone is asking, one hour into the cease-fire, how long will it last? >> more ahead on the crisis in
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the middle east. well look at the united states role in the negotiations. after five months on medical leave, this is now breaking, a federal investigation underway congressman jesse jackson is stepping down. the reaction in washington, dc, is next. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough.
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>>trace: the illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. has submitted a letter of resignation to speaker boehner with a confirmation of that letter by the speaker a couple weeks after the congressman won re-election for a ninth term despite the fact he has been on
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medical leave from congress since june while undergoing treatment for bipolar depression. and the feds are investigating him over misuse of campaign contributions and the house ethics committee has been investigating congressman jackson in connection with a 2008 bid for the senate seat previously held by the president. and now the news like for us in chicago. anyone surprised by this? >>reporter: not a surprise. representative jackson prioritizes his health and treatment for bipolar as the reason for stepping down but he acknowledges the federal investigations that have dogged him the he wrote as follows: during this journey i have made my share of mistakes, i am aware of the ongoing federal investigation into my activists. i am doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperating with investigators and accept responsibility for my mistakes for they are my mistakes and mine alone.
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that last line speaking to the reporting that his wife in chicago could be snared in the investigation. you talked about the allegations against him, the most prominent is that he skimmed campaign funds to remodel his house, also, that he used some of that money to buy expensive jewelry for a mistress. it also came out during the course of the blagojevich vile that representative jackson was caught up in that, and he had meetings with indian men businessmen who promised to raise $6 million for governor blagojevich for the fund for the governor blagojevich if representative jackson would be placed in the senate seat vacated by president obama. june 10, representative jackson checked into the mayo clinic to be treated for bipolar depression. >>trace: congressman jackson won the 9th time but how did he win re-election while he was this the hospital the whom time?
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>>reporter: name recognition. we foe his father. he served for 17 years on the south side f he campaigns in person it wasn't much. there were a few calls, a television ad, and while in the mayo clinic he was re-elected. trace? >>trace: thank you, mike, from chicago. fewer flights and tighter wallets have millions of americans hitting the road for the holiday. according to aaa, some 44 million americans are headed out of town for thanksgiving and 90 percent of the travelers are driving. compared that to 7 percent planning to fly for their holiday destination. and now, from denver international airport on what looks like a beautiful day for flying in the rockies but that is only if you could find a seat. the struggles airlines offering fewer flights and pushing up air fare and those driving or taking trains, thousands of those flying are dealing with the
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clouds, with visibility near zero in chicago causing airlines to cancel almost 100 flights this morning alone. the weather delayed more than 400 others. and now like to steve brown in chicago at o'hare and not just the chicago seeing problems here, right, where are the other snags? >> a lot closer to you at los angeles, and lamb had some demonstrations involving a public employee union striking because they were decertified that supplied security guards and those assisting those with wheelchairs and they state employees were to decertify the union and the company says a majority decided they didn't want it but the end result is we do not see abnormal number of either delays or cancellations coming from lamb but in chicago, we have fog this morning and that socked o'hare and midway
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airports calls many delays and a lot of them were regional flights flights and they have been working through that but airlines have been cutting planes and flights and inventory and they don't have that many seats to make up when this situation happens so you have to ride it. trace? >>trace: we mentioned 90 percent of the population traveling by car, what is in store for them? >>reporter: well, unfortunately they will have to take a little -- dig a little deeper for gasoline prices, with prices down 6 or 7 cents, but they are up that much from a year ago. you have to dig in your pocket a little bit more but aaa expects more folks will do that because in part they have gone away from other luxuries like her vacation and the like. the travel will be increased slightly but it will cost more.
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>>trace: thank you from o'hare in chicago, thank you. hundreds of people are dead. thousands more are suffering serious neurological illness. that is because of the west nile virus and it could be the worse year, ever, for that disease. plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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with efficient absorption in one daily dose. the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >>trace: 2012 is on track to be the worse year ever for west nile virus which has infected some 5,200 people killing 234 of those people. the centers for disease control reports that it expects the toll to pass the record of 2002 of 284 deaths.
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dr. brooks joins us the host of a radio show "health of a nation." doctor, good to see you. i look back, dr. brooks, and we have covered this meningitis outbreak and all the while the west nile epidemic has been awful and not gotten the attention it deserves. >>guest: that is true. the effects of meningitis are remarkable but as you say, we are on track to have over 300 people die this year from west nile virus and it is a substantial number. worse, there will be about 3,000 people that will have paralysis or significant permanent neurological deficits. it is a real problem. it is a real problem particularly in texas. >>trace: we look to the pictures of mosquitoes which we associate with the west nile and we associate mosquitoes with summer, are we off the hook or is this year round? >>guest: well, it depends where you are. there is a tendency to thing you
12:25 pm
are off the hook because the previous years is the warm weather because the warmer the weather the more the virus reproduces in the mosquito so it reproduces and you are bitten you will get the virus but because it is a disease of cycles we are not off the hook. >>trace: you talk about a cycle of the disease what do we know about future epidemics? >>guest: there will be future epidemics. in north dakota, for instance, which is the state that has the most cases of west nile virus reported per capita only 15 percent of the population has become infected so there is a long way to go. while you can get the virus and become infected and become immune if you have not been
12:26 pm
subjected to the disease continue you are susceptible to it. so, a lot of people remain susceptible to this problem, particularly in remain warmer weather. >>trace: they say avoid mosquito bites but if you are outside you could get bit. >>guest: the best time to be outside is not at dawn or duck. you can wear protective clothing or repellant and the topping of spraying is controversial. in dallas and in the dallas area, we have very high numbers of west nile virus this year and this was a big controversy regarding spraying whether to spray the areas. the politicians decided to spray and in those areas where they sprayed, the amount of mosquitoes were reduced by 90 percent so it looks very encouraging. >>trace: good news,
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dr. brooks. thank you. >>guest: happy that -- happy thanksgiving. >>trace: the president spoke with the egyptian president about his part in the cease-fire deal and the latest on the twists and towns in the come mention regulationship with the middle east coming up in a live report from the white house next. and we will go to the fox weather center for the thanksgiving travel forecast. some important news ahead on the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. [ male announcer ] are you on medicare?
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>>trace: this is "studio b." the white house says president obama spoke with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and reiterated his commitment to the security of the jewish nation. we are told that president obama also praised his egyptian counterpart, president morsi to persuade militants leaders to grow to a cease-fire. it has been a critical test for the new islamist leader that balanced his relationship with hamas with long standing ties to the united states. it remains to be seen whether the truce will last. and now to the white house, ed, with regard to israel, president obama and prime minister binyamin netanyahu appe working very closely together. >>reporter: they have had
12:32 pm
tense relations before but the president needs to rely on the prime minister now. he is add the center of the situation, the last thing that president obama wants to do weeks before his second term begins is to have a full scale war going on in the middle east that evershadows the start of that second term. this is a full-scale national security crisis, not just for israel but a crisis for the united states, as well, and that is why it is reaching to allies like prime minister binyamin netanyahu and how they we brought him along is largely because of united states aid. the white house statement, today, said that in this phone call, today, president obama was "committed to seeking additional funding for iron dome and other missile programs." that is something the united states has been committed to before and something today that the president will seek additional funding for, and that has been a critical mechanism here for israel to defend itself with all the rockets raining down from gaza.
12:33 pm
>>trace: but president obama has a commodity applicanted relationship with the new egyptian president? >>reporter: he does. during the campaign president obama was asked about the relationship with israel which was we close under president mubarak who is gone but who was someone who kept stability in the region for so many years among democratic and republican administrations here, and president obama said, he wasn't sure if egypt was still an ally. he was on the phone again today with president obama morsi who has turned out to be someone brokering the cease-fire and a meeting with secretary clinton and others and there is still pressure on president morsi, three republican senators, today, put out a statement, saying it is time for egypt to stop allowing the spread of weapons of hamas through egypt, from senatorred john mccain and graham and others, asking him to urge the stop of the spread of weapons to sinai which
12:34 pm
is a threat to egypt's national security and sovereignty. a couple days ago senator graham, one of the three senators, threatened president morsi and said unless you take a month positive role here in this exploding situation in the middle east, republicans in congress will cut off united states aid to egypt and the president morsi responded by helping to broker this cease-fire, and now we will see how he will respond to some more of these threats. it is clear that washington, dc is watching the performance of the egyptian president very closely. >>trace: and that was ed henry on the north lawn. and now, a former senior director for middle east affairs at the national security council and currently the managing director of the washington institute. we sometimes are skeptical, but, secretary of state, hillary clinton flies in, egypt signs on and israel signs off, and we have peace. things in the middle do not seem
12:35 pm
to work that smooth. your take? >>guest: everyone, especially in washington, dc, is breathing a sigh relief. and there are a lot of parties which will claim victory here. for secretary clinton this will be portrayed as a diplomatic victory. the israelis will say they accomplished what they wanted to accomplished. and egypt will say, look, they successfully brokered a cease-fire and they have reasserted egypt's leadership role but hamas will say they won a victory and they stood up to israel, their rockets reeled tel aviv and jerusalem. has hamas been strengthened and the palestinian authority marginalized in what happened here? >>trace: to your point, michael, about hamas claiming victory, and this comes from reuters they are saying hamas says the deal includes opening of all gaza crossings including with egypt, a key sticking
12:36 pm
point. what do you maybe of that statement. >>guest: israel is longing for a longer temperature solution to gaza and they want egypt involved. for israel, a key victory here is they have cemented not just their own relationship with egypt but, maybe they have gotten egypt to take ownership of the gaza issue and that is how you should view the issue of border crossings but if this survives 48 hours there is a question, can egypt effectively patrol the sinai or the flow weapons from the sudan which is allied with iran, to the terrorists in the sinai and gaza? that remains to be seen. >>trace: you have missiles coming in from iran, coming through those border crossings and that is a very key concern for israel so just to open up the floodgates would seem counterintuitive to many. >>guest: it could be right,
12:37 pm
but it may help, as right now the rockets pay through illegal smuggling tunnels which under mubarak were hard to police. opening the legitimate border could give you more visibility and help the police with what flows from the sinai to gaza. still, it will be hard to do because the sinai is like a wild west. law in order in justice department is not what it once was. >>trace: 48 hours seems to be the goal. if it sticks it will stick by then. michael, happy thanksgiving, thank you. >> it is get appear day for millions of americans. take a look at 6 the avenue outside of fox news headquarters and along the new parade route for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. now we will check in with our
12:38 pm
meteorologist for the holiday forecast. it looks soggy in the northwest anything good your way? >>guest: the northeast looks good. we had a feature, a low pressure off the coastline and we thought it would be a nor'easter but it is lingering and not bringing anyone bad weather just the beaches. but this time of year not too many folks long the beach but the northwest we are seeing the rain and the snow and a little bit of activity across portions of new mexico into west texas, and the northwest, really, has been relentless with weather the last several days and this welcome end and over a foot of rain in some cases and feet of snow and gusts like hurricane force over the last several days so we will get a push of moisture, for thanksgiving travels, airports have been busy, of course, philadelphia and atlanta look go and early today this chicago, we had major fog delays and cancellations and delays and that has given us a
12:39 pm
ripple effect for the chicago area with portland moderate delays because of the rain in your forecast, and as we head to boston and new york, moderate delays but,ing good and memphis and dallas looking very nice but if you are at the airport and it is thanksgiving you are used to waiting for a little bit, right, trace? >>trace: hope you get home at some point. thank you very much. the largest employer in the united states and the most profitable companies in the world is trying to keep its employees from forming a union. next, the protest against walmart and what they could mean as retailers get ready for black friday.
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>>trace: there are two huge labor disputes that could affect millions more beyond the companies involved. and some walmart workers you
12:43 pm
have to wall off and join demonstrations on friday, which is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. workers are protesting poor pay and working conditions. wall mark requested the national labor relations board block illegal protest. the board officials, yet to announce the decision on that. and there is the collapse of the company hostess which makes twinkies and wonder bread and today the executives are asking a judge for permission to shut down operation after last ditch negotiations fell apart and just in, hour sister publication, the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. has just reports the judge has cleared hostess to begin that process. executives say union demands tanked the company but labor leaders blame gross mismanagement pointing out that hostess gave a dozen executives 80 percent pay raises as the company struggled to survive. more than 18,000 americans are
12:44 pm
likely, now, to be out of a job. now, the chief business correspondent and author of "rebounders, winners pivot from set back to success." the breaking news, a judge after saying boys go back to the bargaining table, has now said, okay, host us, you are free to sell off. it looks like they will sell to the highest bidder. will the union workers go with those twinkies? >>guest: this is expected pretty much that hostess would end up in liquidation. it has been a troubled company for several years so it is not new. it is worth pointing out that parts of hostess will survive. some of the brands you mentioned, twinkies and others have a lot of value. a lost competitors would be happy to buy the brand so some of the 18,000 jobs will survive. what will happen, i think, is the more valuable parts of the company will be snapped up and
12:45 pm
the less desirable parts, those contributing to the debt and the high cost, probably no one will want those and that will certainly mean that some of the jobs will be lost. >>trace: that is what the c.e.o. said. look, what makes some of the brands like twinkies attractive they no longer come with the collective bargaining agreements so you now get the twinkies and no union contract. >>guest: that is what hostest hoped to accomplish in bankruptcy to lower the labor costs and get rid of some of the conditions which they were unable to do. there are several unions involved here, and all of them, except for one, did grow to concessions. it was the one union, the bakers union who said, maybe they think they will get a better deal in liquidation and there was some bad blood there, as well, but, this is going to be interesting to see how it shakes out. >>trace: and steam materials
12:46 pm
were calling out the bakers union to say look, you are not helping the cause. i want your take on walmart, you get a lost attention because it is black friday and you walk out, do you your sex a diss is because at the same time you are getting a lot of attention you are annoying a whole lot of shoppers. >>guest: we have not seen what will happen yet so there are threats or promises there could be protests and up to 1,000 walmart outlets but i am not sure, a lot of employees are asking themselves, they are saying, do we really want to be on the wrong side of shoppers and tush public attention against us. they are trying to draw attention to their cause, better work, better pay and better work conditions but i don't think standing in front of all the shoppers trying to get the door buster deals on black friday is the best way to do it. they will get attention but i am fault sure they will win fans
12:47 pm
that way. >>trace: unions are popular when this is a short average of labor and right now unemployment is at 7.9 percent. thank you, rick, happy thanksgiving. in libya a new attack suggesting that the security situation there is still dangerously out of control. according to the libyan officials gunman assassinated the newly appointed security chief in benghazi, the latest in the series of mysterious killings which followed the consulate attack which killed the united states ambassador and three other americans. no suspect yet in the security director's murder but militant groups have been increasingly targeting libya's government officials and the extremist militias battling after the downfall of the long time dictator, muammar qaddafi, last year. at home, republican lawmakers are still hammering the obama administration handling of the attack and the target is christmas clapper accuseed of
12:48 pm
backtracking on what he told lawmakers in a closed door meeting. what are you learning of the latest violence in libya? >>reporter: the funeral was held for a security director in benghazi, only in the job for a few weeks and shot outside his home. it is not clear if this is connected to the violence if benghazi fox is told that there is a power vacuum in libya after the push by islamists to drive out western influences. the attack on the consulate cemented the view among analysts that eastern libya is now ungoverned space and the libyan government has tried and failed to exert control. by mid-augusta month before the attack an emergency action committee at the consulate was briefed, that ten groups had training camps in benghazi
12:49 pm
itself. trace? >>trace: back home, catherine, republican lawmakers have sent another letter to the white house demanding answers on the consulate attack. what do we know? >> senator graham charges that the obama administration has failed to response adding that the obama white house was keen to provide details open benghazi but it sun fair to the american people and the families of the victims of benghazi to not provide the same level of detailed facts accounting to a national failure. and fox is told that james clapper, was definite, his team did not make controversial chains to a series of talking points on the attack that critics say played down terrorism but now his office says they were responsible. >> i think clapper has to say, and has to say publicly, whether he advocated the all tube video theory, whether he pressed it on
12:50 pm
the white house and others in the intelligence community and if so, did he do that at the direction of the white house? >> democrats accuse republicans of politicizing the iarguing the talking points were made to protect classified information only and that they were not driven by any political agenda from the white house. >>trace: thank you, catherine, hive from washington, dc. a day before thanksgiving, people across storm ravaged new york and new jersey are picking up the pieces of their damaged homes. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan.
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>>trace: after hurricane sandy hit, tens of thundershowers still without power as temperatures drop in the northeast. it could be a day before
12:54 pm
thanksgiving day but if many just getting basic necessities they are grateful for. and now to coney island, new york, thousands still lining up if flies every day. >>reporter: they are. as you can see we usually think of turkey and trimmings, here is just the basics. they are from americorps in sacramento, california, and they are boxing up supplies of blankets, the basics, and shampoo. coney island could be visited by 14 million people a year but 50,000 people live here and it is hard hit. the supermarkets largely knocked out of commission because 3,000 people are on the food distribution lines set up by the city of new york despite the problems and the hardships, they say they have much for be thankful for. >> i ain't got no phone service. the water come on can go off. ain't got no heat. >> got some snacks and water and
12:55 pm
paper towel but i appreciate all the help. >> here is tomorrow's thanksgiving dinner, the cranberry sauce, rolls, turkey, gravy, and butter bull they are defrosting so it can be a good thanksgiving even without heat. trace? >>trace: i know they are grateful but we have been asking for three weeks, how long is this going to last? do we have an answer? >>reporter: that is what they are asking, it will continue through next week, the damage here is just astounding. houses have been destroyed and businesses cleaning up and it will continue for some time. >> there are reports of brown water and folks are told not to use the water from the faucet as a drinking water. >>reporter: despite the
12:56 pm
problems they still have the blessings of people like these. trace? >>trace: thank you, live from coney island, thank you. a college basketball player made up for a couple of bad games big time. next, how this guy shot less than 50 percent from the field and still set a mine boggling new scoring record. next. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. >>trace: a remarkable performance by a college basketball, getting 138 points last night for a small college in iowa shattering the previous ncaa record of 113 set back in 1954, the sophmore says he was in a slump but suddenly started sinking shots like never before. 52 out of 1308, including 27, three pointers and lebron called it unbelievable and kobe bryant s


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